Whether you’re exploring a side hustle, have taken the leap of faith to monetize your calling, or want to scale a business that gives you freedom, flexibility, and balance — you’ll find the answer in one of my programs below. I can’t wait to guide you on your journey!
– Janice

Coaching for Soulpreneurs who want to create impact and Legacy

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Hey beautiful soul, I’m Janice!
Do you have a dream that sometimes feels too big? You feel you’re meant for more but are scared to take a leap of faith? Well, the mantra here is…Yes, you can!  

Yes, you can stand out online and create a brand that aligns.
Yes, you can serve your students in person and through global retreats.

Yes, you can launch an online or offline business that overflows with freedom. 

No dream is impossible to achieve.

Business Coach and your newest Hype Woman

Meet the founder — Janice liou

We desire freedom, flexibility, and balance.

We trust our hearts and feel connected.  We crave to be in alignment so our gifts can flow. 

 We don't use "salesy" tactics.  We're purposeful, authentic and dream of making an impact.

Someone who chooses to live & lead with heart to create a business where they can express their highest self.

[noun: soul-pre-neur]

Discover Balance. 
Attract Abundance.

Soulpreneurs create differently.

Let's dive deep into your business and build a highly customized plan of action you can launch your legacy with

One on One Coaching

Our intimate community of soulpreneurs is the perfect place to meet like-minded leaders of light and grow their business.

Group Coaching

A self guided, learn at your own pace, course for new business owners who are looking to dip into building their legacy.

Self Study

limitless opportunities & mindset leaps

our students'
anticipated revenue increase


the number of new businesses/companies built & GROWN over 3 years time

+50 businesses

Cut the hustle and fast forward to celebratory success with our done-for-you Om Life Creative services!

Are you ready for your quick win?

Omni Ascension

Upgrade your Legacy experience with our done-for-you service that saves you time & energy so you can finally see your big vision come to fruition. 

You are the STAR in your Oscar-worthy blockbuster. 
It’s time to ascend to your legacy. 

Ascend To True Abundance with


Hear it from our Beloved Students

Don't just take our word

— Sabrina [midwest usa]

"just signed another client at $5k...I am sooooooo grateful for you, I remember literally 3 months ago I was struggling with 1k...[this month came in at] 16k!"

— JASMINE l [west coast, usa]

"My cash flow here today so far breaks to 100k...at this rate, by the end of the year it's projected to have doubled last year's...I have so much great thanks to Janice for great mentorship "

— Raisah Salima [east coast, usa]

"After our session was over, I literally looked up to the sky and was like God, is this real?!?!?! Some days it still feels like a dream that I'm ACTUALLY doing this - that it's not something "I want to do" but something that came to life"

— Luxsica [thailand]

"I can't believe it, I went from earning $650 USD/month to $35k USD now...9 months later, I'm proof that Janice's method works. 

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