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Designed for Soulpreneurs at the core, I'll guide you to bypass all the mistakes and hard lessons I’ve learned that have led me to a FUN freedom-first business, incredible partnerships, and collaborations that feel freeing. 

Whether you’re exploring a side hustle, have taken the leap of faith to monetize your calling, or want to scale a business that gives you freedom, flexibility, and balance — you’ll find the answer in one of my programs below. 

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Build a blessed business and attract your wildest abundance inside OM Your Business: our signature group program for wellness teachers and coaches who want to share their gifts in person or online.

om your business
Discover Balance.
Attract Abundance.

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om your business


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Our mantra is “YES, I CAN.”

Yes, I can stand out online and create a brand that aligns with ME.
Yes, I can serve my Yoga students in my studio and through global retreats.
Yes, I can launch an online or offline business that overflows with freedom. 

No dream is impossible to achieve. 
I see so much talent in each and every one of you.
You just have to believe to receive. 
Let’s do it together. 

Live full, Live free, Live your purpose

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signature business coaching

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om life creative

do-it-for-you ascension program

I expected to learn about branding and the business side, what i did not expect was to grow so significantly in only 1 month on a personal level – i feel so free and confident in my journey.

i not only understand how to develop my personal brand, my content, and my online presence, but i am also so excited and energized by the possibilities for my brand moving forward.

– Sam

janice's coaching program is truly life changing!

Reviews ★★★★★

In only a short month, I gained so much insight to brand development, content creating strategies as well as building an online presence. 

Janice also goes into depth about her own process and shares everything she's learned, built, and created over the years of her career in great detail.  She strives to see you succeed.

– Emyli

There is so much value in this extensive program that exceeded my expectations.

Reviews ★★★★★

janice's support and that of the group, throughout this journey, have exceeded my expectations in every way, and i feel like i have the most supportive, life-long, om life coaching family now.  i could not recommend this program more if you are looking to build your...wellness brand.

– sammi

janice makes you feel so supported throughout the program, and helps bring out your best.

Reviews ★★★★★

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om your clarity

beginner | self study

What YOU have to offer so you can uncover your wildest dreams.
How to authentically show up as a leader, expert, and someone people pay to learn from.
Exclusive access to LightOM— A powerful community where you can bounce ideas around and feel a support shift like never before.
Mindset expansion that fuels your energetic impact and sustainable success.
Unlimited access to ALL resources, workshops & bonuses for 1 whole year!

Shine online, create a loyal fan base, and monetize your message in my 3-month social course for Yoga teachers and heart-centered entrepreneurs—OM Your Socials. 

Where Self-Mastery
Meets Social Mastery…

om your socials

business supplement | course

Where Self-MasteryMeets
Social Mastery…

Build a blessed business and attract your wildest abundance inside OM Your Business: A 1 year access program for wellness teachers and coaches who want to share their gifts in person or online. 

Discover Balance. 
Attract Abundance.

om your Business

signature group coaching

Unlock your true potential inside OM Your Legacy — an interactive & immersive VIP experience that transforms your mind, body, spirit, and business. 

For ambitious Soulpreneurs who require a customized roadmap towards a life filled with fresh air, freedom, and FUN…

(And without confusion, doubt, or hesitation holding them back.) 

Get ready to know EVERYTHING and work 1x1 with Janice to explore your Legacy Level… Unlocking the visionary entrepreneur I know you are.

Live Free.
Get Ready For Your Legacy.

vip mentorship
om your legacy


Hey beautiful soul, I’m Janice!
Do you have a dream that sometimes feels too big? You feel you’re meant for more but are scared to take a leap of faith? Well, the mantra here is…Yes, you can!  

Yes, you can stand out online and create a brand that aligns.
Yes, you can serve your students in person and through global retreats.

Yes, you can launch an online or offline business that overflows with freedom. 

No dream is impossible to achieve.

Business Coach and your newest Hype Woman

Meet the founder — Janice liou

Om Life Creative

Upgrade your Legacy experience with our done-for-you service that saves you time & energy so you can finally see your big vision come to fruition. 

You are the STAR in your Oscar-worthy blockbuster. 
It’s time to ascend to your legacy. 

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