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You desire a mentor who has been where you are now and understands how to attract an audience who doesn’t respond to “salesy” tactics.

You’re battling burnout because your social media strategies are all-consuming. (There’s a simpler way that aligns with YOU—even with a small audience!)

You’re ready to walk away with a fully built system that finally gives you the time, location, energetic, and financial freedom you’ve been craving.

A 1 year access program for wellness teachers and coaches who want to share their gifts
in-person or online.

Build a blessed business and attract your wildest abundance inside OM Your Business

You hit a ceiling in your income and watching everyone else scale has you wanting MORE

You wish you had more time to spend with your family before the years just disappear

You’re ready to trust your intuition, move away from micro-offers ($20-$100), and create space for a premium-ticket experience. 

Workbooks, templates, and proprietary systems to work & plan with

24/7 global community to learn from and with

on demand library of pre-recorded trainings

Live Group Coaching for highly personalized support

I treat every student with the utmost love and care, their journey is my priority.  

This framework is something that can be repeated and applied to multiple offers and business ventures

Many of our graduating students have joined our team to share their newly insights and skills

The OYB framework has generated results of 3-5x revenue increases within 1 yr

This method works so well that it's launched yoga teachers into becoming real estate owners and developers. #fact

The OYB framework is PROVEN to work for both my students, clients, and myself

OYB Details

It's just #facts

— raisah wellness leader & business owner

"After our session was over, I literally looked up to the sky and was like God, is this real?!?!?! Some days it still feels like a dream that I'm ACTUALLY doing this - that it's not something "I want to do" but something that came to life"

— Rikki, relationship coach

"This course gave me more than I expected, I thought I'd walk out with a virtual yoga program...Ive used all the things I learned from the course and the account is growing daily!! I've had several viral posts and am excited it's all in line with the coaching biz I'm starting!"

— dev, yoga teacher + teacher trainer

"I cannot speak highly enough of this program! I would never be where I am at now without Janice’s amazing guidance and support on this journey.

Prior to this program I was existing mostly as a studio teacher with tons of vision for my own work but I lacked the business education and support needed to truly reach my goals. To me running the back end of my business was completely overwhelming and intimidating.

But after working with Janice I not only have clear plans to execute my dreams, I’ve also built out fully functioning business systems, attracted more 1:1 clients than ever.  I’ve never felt more inspired and aligned in my work, and I am so excited to watch my business grow in the coming years!"

— Tish, yoga teacher + doula, business owner

"I can't tell you how helpful this course has been...I've gone from teaching in yoga studios to quitting my 9-5 to launching my own company, now we have multiple offers and are even hiring multiple team members! In the time we've worked together my months have jumped more than 4x"

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Hey beautiful soul, I’m Janice!
Do you have a dream that sometimes feels too big? You feel you’re meant for more but are scared to take a leap of faith? Well, the mantra here is…Yes, you can!  

Yes, you can stand out online and create a brand that aligns.
Yes, you can serve your students in person and through global retreats.

Yes, you can launch an online or offline business that overflows with freedom. 

No dream is impossible to achieve.

Business Coach and your newest Hype Woman

Meet the founder — Janice liou

Are you a soulful service provider seeking more purposeful freedom?


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